Commissioner minimizes Thanksgiving waste

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Meg Tully
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Date Published: 11/27/2008

When Frederick County Commissioner Kai Hagen takes his trash out after the Thanksgiving meal, he hopes his can will be nearly empty. Hagen, an active recycling advocate for nearly 20 years, has recently pushed for waste reduction to eliminate the need for a trash incinerator in Frederick County. It’s something Hagen is willing to practice in his own life. Today, eliminating trash for the Thanksgiving meal will start before the groceries come home. His family shops with reusable bags. Hagen predicts the trash will only include a few turkey bones and some non-recycleable packaging. The family has its own composting pile, which is used on the garden. Nonmeat food scraps such as peels of vegetables or heads of carrots will be composted. “There are a lot of things you can do in your life just because they are good things to do,” Hagen said. In his family, they don’t use disposable dishes, and will recycle cans and bottles. Hagen is a big fan of Thanksgiving leftovers and they plan to put the turkey carcass in a pot of boiling water to start a soup. Hagen isn’t doing anything special for Thanksgiving — he recycles and composts year-round. “At some point, these things become a mindset,” he said. “And if more people made decisions, or spent money, or other things, with those things in mind, we’d change the world a whole lot faster.”