NIA presentation: “Proven Community Waste Handling and Processing Alternates”

UPDATE: This event has been postponed to an unspecified date after the November election!

(We will highlight the event when it is rescheduled.)


News Release – Public Meeting Notice

“Hear Yea” all Elected Officials and Candidates, Come One – Come All

join us at the

“All Saints Episcopal Church” on Saturday, 18 October between 9:00 AM & 1:00PM
(“All Saints Episcopal Church,” 106 West Church Street, Frederick, MD)

for a presentation of

“Proven Community Waste Handling and Processing Alternates”

On 15 July, the County sponsored a Candidates “Information Forum” in which the County’s Special Projects Manager [Michael G. Marschner] provided a summary presentation describing the Waste-to-Energy [incinerator] Facility that was under consideration by the County to be located at the McKinney Industrial Park. Likewise, on 9 October, the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority will present its “waste program” findings and recommendations to the Frederick County BoCC. Hence, it is now time for you, the “decision makers,” to hear the rest of the “waste handling-processing” story, so join us on 18 October at the “All Saints Episcopal Church” in which waste industry “subject matter experts” will provide topic-specific presentations regarding the following:

    a. Full-scope residential and commercial recycling programs

    b. Organic materials composting and digesters

    c. Full-service “Resource Recovery Parks”

The subject “Waste Handling-Processing Alternates Seminar” scheduled for 18 October is intended for the benefit of:

    • Frederick County Municipality elected Officials

    • Frederick County Charter Government and MD Delegation Candidates

    • Frederick County Board of Education Members and Candidates

    • The Director and Deputy Director of the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority

    • The Frederick County citizens

The objective of said “Waste Seminar” is to provide you the community “decision makers” with a sound basis to structure Frederick County’s evolving and much needed “County-wide waste management programs:”

Said “Waste Handling-Processing Alternates Seminar” has been orchestrated by and is sponsored by the “No Incinerator Alliance” [NIA, a.k.a., “Waste-Not Citizens Alliance”]. If there are questions and/or clarifications needed, do not hesitate to contact the following NIA Principals:

    • Patrice Gallagher, President – NIA,. . . .
    • Ellis Burruss, Vice President – NIA,. . . .
    • John Flynn, Treasurer – NIA,. . . . . . . . .

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