Not too late to get your “Nature Fix”

On Thursday, September 28th, Envision Frederick County and the Center for Student Engagement at Frederick Community College co-sponsored a free lecture (and book signing) with award-winning author and science journalist Florence Williams!

We were thrilled to bring Florence Williams, the author of “The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier Healthier, and More Creative,” to a Frederick County audience.

“In her wonderful new book The Nature Fix, journalist Florence Williams writes that nature serves as a welcome reprieve from the seemingly endless demands and constant stimuli of modern life. She makes the compelling case that nature not only makes us subjectively feel better, but it also alters our biology, measurably subduing our fight-or-flight stress response.”

— New York Magazine

Fifty-two people attended, and their response was so positive that Florence signed and sold 21 copies of her book after her presentation.

But, if you weren’t able to attend, we still have a number of copies of her book, and wanted to offer a chance for some of you to purchase one before we return any unsold copies.

I’ve read it. It’s very well done and thoroughly engaging throughout.

If you live in Frederick County, and would like to purchase one (or more), you can do that here.

Then send me an email at, and I’ll arrange to drop it off for you, leave it somewhere for you, or mail it to you, if necessary.

Check out this recent Washington Post article about Florence and her book.

A few additional links for you to check out: Florence Willams’ website | Florence Willams on Facebook | Florence Williams on Twitter | National Geographic article: “This Is Your Brain on Nature” | The Atlantic Magazine article: “Why Fractals Are So Soothing” | NY Times book review of “The Nature Fix” | Florence Williams on YouTube