Open letter to Delegate Barrie Ciliberti on fracking and climate change

Delegate Barrie Ciliberti,

I visited you on Monday with the Sierra Club. Thank you for taking the time and for your openness. One of the issues we discussed was the proposed Ban on Fracking (SB 740/HB 1325). I want you to vote for HB 1325.

Delegate Barrie Ciliberti

You mentioned that you had heard that the data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on climate warming was wrong, they had “cooked the books.” I have researched this and my finding is that NOAA has told the truth and that their findings should alarm anyone. I sent you a copy of Science 2015 June 26; 348(6242):1469-72.

Legislative Aide Sarah Ingerson received it, but emailed that she is unable to print it. I have attached a copy of the PDF (Science_2015_Karl.pdf). Three other articles that support the NOAA findings are also attached: ArsTechnica.pdf, ScienceAdvances.pdf, and Guardian.pdf.

I am a Unitarian Universalist, and my religious faith teaches me that the earth is sacred. Fracking is about as violent an exploitation of the earth as can be imagined. When the ground water and surface water are polluted, it will take the earth decades to centuries to recover.

We cannot eat or drink the money. My concern is to reduce human suffering. The current human population is about 7 billion, and growing. Natural gas is an excellent fuel, but the energy it supplies is no better than energy we can get from wind and sun with current technology.

Most of the money earned by fracking will not come to families in Maryland, but to corporations or to a few very rich people. But families in Maryland will suffer the pollution. This is unjust, which to me is a violation of my religious principles. When the climate changes so that earth can feed only one billion people, how will we decide who lives and who dies? You probably don’t want to be on that death panel, but you are deciding whether we will act to slow climate change or to accelerate climate change.

Once again, I ask you to vote for HB 1325 (“Oil and Natural Gas – Hydraulic Fracturing – Prohibition“).


Robert Ladner

Delegate Barrie Ciliberti (Republican) represents Maryland District 4 (Carroll and Frederick counties)

Delegate Barrie Ciliberti‘s page on the Maryland government website.