District 2 Council member is helping the Monrovia Town Center developers

It’s high time that we call out Council Member Tony Chmelik. He’s our District 2 Council Member. He’s supposed to represent the residents of District 2 – all the residents. However, right now he seems to be primarily interested in helping Roy Stanley, the Damascus-based developer of the Monrovia Town Center.

chmelikheadshotI’m not surprised by this. I’ve known for months now that he’s been pushing the Council and, in particular, Council President Bud Otis, to move the development forward. On camera, I know that he often comes off as a pretty reasonable guy. You talk to him in person, and he’s an affable guy. On this issue, however, you have to know that behind the scenes, and now in public, he’s been aggressively advocating for Roy Stanley’s interests.

Again, I’m not surprised. We all saw the signs with Blaine Young during the election and he’s been following Blaine’s development path ever since. About 20% of Tony’s campaign funds came from Blaine Young. What you may not know is that 63% of his campaign donations came from developers. So that’s 83% of his campaign victory coming from people that don’t share our interest in curtailing the massive development spree that we’ve seen here in District 2. That’s 83% of Tony’s election victory that he owes to people like Roy Stanley.

So I’m not surprised that Tony is carrying Roy Stanley’s water on the Council. Are you?

Did you know these things about Tony? Did you only know the seemingly nice, reasonable guy on TV? Tony may or may not be that kind of guy, but on MTC, he’s playing hard ball and don’t forget it. We saw that clearly during the Council deliberations on MTC when he presented his extensive “analysis” on the subject. His lengthy, one-sided speech could have been written by the developer’s own team. Perhaps it was.

I think it’s time that we remind Tony that his job on the Council is to represent District 2. Development is a huge issue in this District, and no development has exemplified the issue more strongly than Monrovia Town Center. District 2 does NOT want Monrovia Town Center.

I urge you to write Tony Chmelik and tell him to support his neighbors and his constituents in fighting the Monrovia Town Center development that promises to bring so much harm to our community. He should know this – but it looks like he’ll need to hear it anyway. Frankly, he doesn’t even have turn on a dime and suddenly oppose the development. What he really needs to do is accept how deeply flawed the BoCC’s actions were and how important it is for this development to be re-heard. We convinced the Circuit Court. I’m disappointed and amazed that we have yet to convince the Council.

You can write to Tony at :

Tony Chmelik: TChmelik@FrederickCountyMD.gov

When you write him, I also urge you to copy Council President Bud Otis, so that he’ll know what Tony’s district really thinks about this issue. You can reach Bud at:

Bud Otis: BOtis@FrederickCountyMD.gov

Don’t wait too long. The Council will reconvene on MTC on June 30. If they take the easy way out, and send the case back to the Circuit Court based on the false question of whether the FACT Letter “mattered” or not, then it will really hurt our chances of stopping this thing.


What: County Council Decision on MTC
When: June 30th at 4:30pm
Where: Winchester Hall

Check out the video from the June 16th County Council meeting. The Monrovia Town Center agenda item begins at 1:43:00.

Discussion of Future Action in connection with the Frederick Area Committee for Transportation (FACT)
Correspondence regarding the Monrovia Town Center (Public Hearing Held on Tuesday, June 9, 2015) – Council President Bud Otis
(Council Decision)

Can’t say enough about — and encourage you to read — Michele Rosenfeld’s outstanding June 12th letter to the County Council!

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