Presentation (Aug. 1): Ron Kaltenbaugh on Climate Change: Science, Impacts, and Solutions

Please join us on Tuesday evening, August 1st, at the new McClintock Distilling Company, in downtown Frederick, for a free and informative presentation and discussion with Ron Kaltenbaugh, of Jefferson, MD, about climate change.


Climate change is often referred to as a problem for future generations impacting our children and grandchildren. However, the impacts are being felt today. Also, just like saving for retirement, actions taken today, have outsized impact over actions taken many years from now. This presentation will describe the basic science of climate change and then focus on impacts and solutions.

Ron Kaltenbaugh has a Masters Degree in Computer Science and works as a Network Engineer for a Fortune 500 company. He is President of the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington DC (EVADC) and the Chair the of Frederick County Sustainability Commission. In March of this year, Ron attended a Climate Reality Project conference in Denver, CO and has been refining and making this presentation on climate change to a variety of audiences.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017
7:00 PM


McClintock Distilling Company
35 South Carroll St, Frederick, MD 21701, Frederick, MD (map below)

McClintock Distilling, 35 South Carroll Street, Frederick, MD 21701

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