Presentation (July 25th): Jim Schulman on Reinventing Prosperous Local Economies

Join us on Tuesday evening, July 25th, at the new McClintock Distilling Company, in downtown Frederick, for a free and informative presentation and discussion with Jim Schulman, the Executive Manager of the Alliance for Regional Cooperation.

The Alliance for Regional Cooperation (ARC) is in process of creating producer and consumer cooperatives dedicated to explicitly regional production and purchasing — shortening supply chains to build a more robust, sustainable, and equitable regional economy that will keep jobs and profits closer to home.

ARC acts to measure, certify, and create incentives for explicitly regional economic activity in the Washington, DC metro region, with hopes of expanding to our sister regions of Baltimore, Maryland, and Richmond, Virginia in the backyard of the Chesapeake Bay.

Jim is also President of A Thousand Friends of Virginia’s Future that has worked to promote sustainable patterns and densities of land use throughout the Commonwealth and contributing to the development of sustainable regional economies by establishing alliances for regional cooperation.

Jim was the founder and former Executive Director of Sustainable Community Initiatives which coordinated collaborative public education projects including work in the fields of low-impact development, community visioning, and deconstruction job-training (including 2 academic years at the YouthBuild Public Charter School). Schulman was also founder and former CEO of the Community Forklift reuse business.

For decades Jim has also maintained an environmentally sensitive architectural practice serving commercial, institutional, and residential clients on projects, especially those involving building material reuse.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017
7:00 PM


McClintock Distilling Company
35 South Carroll St, Frederick, MD 21701, Frederick, MD (map below)

McClintock Distilling, 35 South Carroll Street, Frederick, MD 21701

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