Rally for Good Government in Frederick County this Saturday

“Good Government” means different things to different people, but we know it when we see it…or experience it!


Civility matters.

Civility is an essential part of good government because it allows us to respect our leaders, even when we may disagree on the issues. Here are two fellow citizens recently making public comment to the Board of County Commissioner on the lack of civility in county leadership today. Civility also makes it possible for elected officials to work well and effectively with each other, despite strong differences.

Truth matters.

Sometimes we have to work harder to know the truth than at other times. An example? When you hear or read comments about Gardner board’s budgets or taxes as compared to Blaine Young board’s, understand that there is a very intentional (and expensive) ‘disinformation campaign’ that is being waged by commission president Blaine Young, meant to confuse the voters.

Facts matter.

Here are some basic and important facts, from Mike Gastley, who served as Budget Director under the last three boards of county commissioners. And that is just one example of many basic and demonstrable facts that contradict what we hear, over and over, from Blaine Young and other county commissioners, on many subjects.

Ethics and Integrity matter.

They reflect what matters most to us, and guide our actions. Our personal ethics and integrity affect how we value an honest and open-minded and fair public process ,and whether we truly welcome and encourage the involvement of the public.

YOU matter! MOST of all…WE matter!

You see, it is not someone else that governs us. We govern us. We choose the ‘we’ and ‘how’ every election. It is WE who govern us.

Choose well. Choose wisely. There is a lot at stake. It is not hyperbole to say these moments shape the future of our community.

Please take a little time out of your weekend, and join us at the Rally for Good Government, and invite other who share out concerns!

If you attend, consider bringing a home made sign that says in ONE WORD what GOOD GOVERNMENT means to you!

WHEN: Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 11:00am

WHERE: In front Winchester Hall (pictured below), the seat of Frederick County Government
12 E Church Street
Frederick, Maryland 21701

Find out more about the rally here.

Winchester Hall

Winchester Hall