ROCKtober the VOTE!!! (Saturday at 11:00am)


NOW counts! For four years now, hundreds, perhaps thousands of our fellow citizens have written Letters to the Editor, spent countless hours researching and making public comment in packed hearings, and gathered for rallies in support of our children and Head Start, our county employees and their families, responsible land use, clean water and air, adequately funding our schools and our teachers and staff, and protecting our most frail and vulnerable seniors at Citizens/Montevue.

It was moving to go through photos from our years together as I put together the short ROCKtober video! I live in the best community, and though the past four years have been painful, we have become a stronger and more connected community because of it.


This Saturday, October 25th, at 11:00am, at Winchester Hall, is the rally to end what has been happening for four years: ROCKtober the VOTE! It is in support of Jan Gardner for County Executive, and all the amazing candidates running for office! It is in support of electing the right leaders at all levels of government to give us Good Government! It is in support of Taking Back the Hall, and ensuring our community has a bright and sustainable future for all of our citizens! It is about GETTING OUT THE VOTE and becoming the change we so deeply want!

This is the final lap of our Marathon of Democracy in Action! Join us! Bring your families and friends, your neighbors and colleagues!

Let’s make this rally as significant as this election! Bring a sign you made or one from your yard or grab one there!

NOW counts!

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