Hear Royce Hanson at Hood on April 12: “Planning Politics and the Public Interest: Lessons Learned in Montgomery County”

Join us for a excellent presentation next Thursday from Royce Hanson, a recognized author and national leader in land use policies.

Mr. Hanson will be presenting a seminar at Hood College, sponsored by the Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies, on April 12, 2018 at 7:00pm in the Coblentz Hall Seminar Room. The seminar is free and open to the public.

Following the evening lecture, Mr. Hanson will entertain questions from the audience.

The presentation is entitled “Planning Politics and the Public Interest: Lessons Learned in Montgomery County.”

Royce Hanson is a recognized leader in land use policies, with much of his expertise gained from his experiences in neighboring Montgomery County. His insights into cooperation between those developing land for homes and businesses and those committed to protecting natural lands and lifestyles are highly appropriate for the on-going decisions we face in Frederick County.

As a frank and insightful chronicler of that experience in his recent book Suburb: Planning Politics and the Public Interest, he carefully explains how planning politics operate within pervasive thematic influences such as the tensions between planners’ logic of intended and unintended consequencesm on the one hand, and politicians’ logic of appropriateness and practicalities, on the other.

Hanson observes the conflicts between competing values and interests of development and community interests and the rise and fall of local governing regimes and accompanying pendulum swings in decisions and policies. He focuses on participant roles established by law and custom and rules of civic engagement. Most importantly, he evaluates the consequences of the development pattern produced by a century of strategic land use decisions for fiscal and environmental well-being, mobility, social equity, fairness, and opportunity for choices by future generations.

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Here is the Cornell University Press description of: “Suburb: Planning Politics and the Public Interest” (by Royce Hanson):

“Land-use policy is at the center of suburban political economies because everything has to happen somewhere but nothing happens by itself. In Suburb, Royce Hanson explores how well a century of strategic land-use decisions served the public interest in Montgomery County, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C. Transformed from a rural hinterland into the home a million people and a half-million jobs, Montgomery County built a national reputation for innovation in land use policy—including inclusive zoning, linking zoning to master plans, preservation of farmland and open space, growth management, and transit-oriented development. A pervasive theme of Suburb involves the struggle for influence over land use policy between two virtual suburban republics. Developers, their business allies, and sympathetic officials sought a virtuous cycle of market-guided growth in which land was a commodity and residents were customers who voted with their feet. Homeowners, environmentalists, and their allies saw themselves as citizens and stakeholders with moral claims on the way development occurred and made their wishes known at the ballot box. In a book that will be of particular interest to planning practitioners, attorneys, builders, and civic activists, Hanson evaluates how well the development pattern produced by decades of planning decisions served the public interest.”

And here is a blog entry from last may from Delegate Marc Korman about former Planning Board Chair Royce Hanson’s book on the history of planning in Montgomery County: MONTGOMERY COUNTY LAND USE 101

Staff from the Hood College Bookstore will be at the presentation with copies of “Suburb: Planning Politics and the Public Interest” available for purchase, before and after the presentation.