Support the Frederick County-based Children of incarcerated Parents Partnership

Children of incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP) is a non profit, non sectarian, all volunteer organization that I founded more than 15 years ago. After having a Dad who spent some time in jail, I decided that Frederick’s children deserved this kind of organization.

We started with a simple mission that we have maintained to this day: To assist children and their caregivers who are impacted by the incarceration of a loved one. With this in mind, we do everything to make children’s lives a bit easier, which often means helping the caregiver and/or the incarcerated parent be the best they can be.

We have six Sharing Fairs at the Detention Center each year, where we give out children’s resource bags, hygiene supplies, hand tied blankets, books, school supplies, and much more- and we even have face painting for the children to help turn a visit into a treat.

We have weekend events for caregivers and children, we have a reading/taking book nook at the jail for children while they are waiting to visit a family member in jail. We have weekly parenting classes for female inmates and workshops held at Head start and the Housing Authority for caregivers. We offer gift cards for emergencies, books for children on feelings, incarceration, loss and more, and just about every kind of activity that would benefit a child who has a loved one in jail.

Our scholarships for caregivers to FCC are always of great interest. Unfortunately, we never run out of work to do! Frederick, much to everyone’s surprise, has many people incarcerated-and most have children.

Ours is a unique organization. We have never found any other organization like this it. I speak about it all over the state, the nation, and in March went to New Zealand to share at the first International Conference on children with an incarcerated parent.

We are a part of this year’s Unity Campaign, organized by the United Way. If you are interested in supporting us, please consider making a donation.

You can go to the Unity Campaign and donate straight to COIPP, or you can send us a check at:

Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership
P.O.Box 791
Frederick, MD 21705-0791

Be sure to make the check out to United Way and put “Unity Campaign-COIPP” in the memo section.

We can assure you that your money will go directly to assist a child. In addition, the unity campaign allows us to receive some matching money for each donation. It is one of our major fundraisers each year.

For more information, please text or call me at: 240 578 5662.

It was our favorite night at the jail. To celebrate the end of the 8 week parenting class sessions, we read the book The Dot aloud, have the women make water color cards and choose books for their children. It was terrific!

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