Support the Monocacy Crossing Trail, a mixed use path connecting our city and countryside

MCT_Logo_FinalWith increasing frequency walkable and bike-friendly communities are what many people demand. Frederick has a lot to offer and now a tremendous opportunity to grow and improve the bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure of the City of Frederick and Frederick County. These improvements encourage an active lifestyle and present options for residents who like the idea of using human power to travel but are uncomfortable doing so on the open road.

As one of the founding members of the Frederick Bicycle Coalition (FBC) and its president, these issues are always on my mind. If you are unfamiliar with FBC, the organization has pledged a commitment to work with government, organizations, and individuals to promote greater access for bicyclists and others in the Frederick County area.

In keeping with our mission, the Frederick Bicycle Coalition has identified a real need for a safe pathway for cyclists and pedestrians who wish to link the City of Frederick to points north. Our proposed solution is what we call the Monocacy Crossing Trail.


The plan calls for an extension to the City’s East Street rail trail project. This Trail is a three-stage undertaking that promises a multi-use path roughly beginning in front of the Family Meal restaurant along the unused railroad tracks parallel to East Street, crossing over Route 26, and then continuing alongside the Walkersville Southern Railroad tracks located behind the Wegmans grocery store. From there the path heads north to the Monocacy River where the City will terminate the Trail near the Wormans Mill community.

(click on the map to open a larger version)

(click on the map to open a larger version)

It is our hope that the proposed Monocacy Crossing Trail will have the County continue the path where the City leaves off so it will bridge over the Monocacy River and northward to Heritage Farm Park in Walkersville. The addition of the Monocacy Crossing Trail will greatly add to the path’s appeal and dramatically increase the potential user base.

Walkersville is home to some 6,000 residents and the City of Frederick has around 67,000. Providing a safe way to link these population centers via a multi-use path would prove to be a great advantage for our residents. The corridor could be enjoyed by runners, walkers, cyclists, and more. It would provide safe passage in an area where non-motorized transportation is limited and far less than ideal.


Furthermore, this link would be incorporated in the larger Grand History Trail, which would further increase the appeal of the trail and help to bolster tourism in the City of Frederick and Frederick County.

Our initial meetings with Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner have been positive. Later this month we meet with the Maryland Department of Transportation and county planners to further the conversation.

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