Support the bill to restore important parts of the 2008 stream buffer ordinance

Please read and sign: I support the bill to restore important parts of the 2008 stream buffer ordinance. To make a long … [Read more...]

Waste-to-Energy and Solid Waste Press Event Transcript

EDITORS NOTE: On Tuesday, July 8th, the press and public were invited to a press conference by Jan Gardner, on the topic of Waste-to-Energy, long-term planning for solid waste for Frederick County, and transparency in … [Read more...]

Truth takes a back seat in ongoing incinerator saga

Last week Carroll County paid $1,000,000.00 to exit as Frederick's partner in the 1,500 tons-per-day regional trash and tire incinerator planned for location at the McKinney Industrial Center south of Frederick City. The … [Read more...]

Don't believe the hype! The basic facts about recent county budgets in a simple graphic

The budget is the most important task of a county commissioner, as it will be for the first county executive. Investing the tax revenues from county residents and businesses is a serious responsibility, and the county … [Read more...]

Jan Gardner announces campaign for County Executive (full text of speech at rally)

EDITOR'S NOTE: On Saturday, November 9th, in front of Winchester Hall in Frederick, former county commissioner Jan Gardner formally announced and launched her campaign to be the first county executive of Frederick County … [Read more...]

Three INCINERATOR Items to Note Today

The proposed and approved 1,500 tons per day, regional mass burn incinerator, planned for the bank of the Monocacy River, about three miles from downtown Frederick is neither a done deal or dead. Today brings three … [Read more...]

Planning for Failure …… Our Schools, Our Children and Our Future!

Planning does matter. I became involved in Frederick County government almost 20 years ago out of an interest in solving school overcrowding. The schools my children attended were surrounded by portable classrooms, … [Read more...]

More “Facts on county budget, please”

On August 4th, 2013, Bob White had a letter to the editor published in the Frederick News Post, entitled: "Facts on county budget, please" It's worth noting a few things about Bob White. Bob served 17 years on the … [Read more...]