County Executive Jan Gardner and transition teams asking for suggestions

A page has been set up on the new Frederick County website for the purpose of encouraging and receiving suggestions and/or other feedback from county residents as we make the transition to a new form of government and a … [Read more...]

Inauguration of county executive and council ushers in charter government

It's official. Whether you supported the change to a charter form of government or not, it has arrived. And whether you supported the majority of the last Board of County Commissioners or not, they are gone. … [Read more...]

A Rough Start

It looks like our new County Council may be launching at a disadvantage when it comes to an efficient start. Pre-Pre Meeting Misunderstandings Before all seven seats were even certain (District 1 … [Read more...]

CHARTER: What happens when the county executive vacates the office?

Before you read ahead here, please take a moment first to consider this question: Under the new charter in Frederick County, what do you think happens if and when the county executive vacates the office for any reason … [Read more...]

In candidates and governance, character counts!

Since charter government was approved in 2010, the Frederick News Post has published many news articles, columns, editorials and letters to the editor about the change to a new form of government and its impact on … [Read more...]

Some observations and thoughts the day after the primary election

The primary election in Frederick County, and throughout Maryland, was yesterday. The ballot is now set for the general election in November. Between now and then there will be no shortage of analysis, plenty of … [Read more...]

Three forums to provide opportunity to learn more about Charter Government

This year, Frederick County voters will elect the first county executive and county council as the county makes the transition to charter government. The important primary election is less than two months away, and many … [Read more...]

Unaffiliated Voters: Consider changing your registration to be able to vote in the primary!

The bottom line: If your voter registration in Maryland is "Unafilliated," you can not vote in any of the primary election contests other than the Board of Education. As of early this month, … [Read more...]