Please sign: Public Letter to Mayor McClement and the Board of Aldermen

Please join us to request that our Frederick City elected officials voice their opposition to development in the Linganore Source Water Protection Area. Water coming from that area makes up the majority of Frederick … [Read more...]

Whose Truth Frederick? Our schools. Our roads. Our water.

For too long, the myths that support conventional wisdom around residential development in Frederick County have stood without question. For too long, we have been carefully fed … [Read more...]

Muddy County Streams to Blame for City’s Contaminated Tap Water

The City of Frederick has a problem with polluted source waters, and that problem is growing, according to a report by the Friends of Frederick County and Cleanwater_Linganore. A review of tap water test results … [Read more...]

'Friends of Frederick County' testimony regarding the Monrovia Town Center

EDITOR'S NOTE: On Wednesday, October 30, the Frederick County Planning Commission held a public hearing that was a continuation of a hearing a week earlier, on Wednesday, October 23, when the the planning commission … [Read more...]