The Bottom Line Tonight: Enabling and facilitating a WalMart Supercenter on the Golden Mile is a choice!

It is with genuine disappointment I note that, tonight, a majority of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Frederick are probably going to vote to adopt a new zoning map that will, among other things, change the zoning … [Read more...]

Frederick deserves better than worn out, in-the-(BIG)-box thinking…and another WalMart!

[EDITORS NOTE: The following is an edited version of public testimony offered at the July 10th hearing at City Hall.] Good Evening Alderman, Mayor We are here this evening to discuss the feasibility of maintaining … [Read more...]

WalMart a prominent controversy in public hearing tonight

Wednesday evening (July 10, 2013), starting at 7:00pm, the City of Frederick will be holding a public hearing at City Hall, at which a proposed Walmart Supercenter is certain to generate a lot of attention and public … [Read more...]

Another WalMart: Not good for Frederick or the Golden Mile!

We have a problem in the City of Frederick. Some of our elected officials may lack a broader vision of our city, and that may leave them especially susceptible to the ever-present influence of lobbying pressures from … [Read more...]