Land conservation, smart growth and the environment

Years ago, I was motivated to participate in what became the cause of smart growth, and now for many of us has evolved into the cause of sustainable communities, because of the devastating effect of suburban sprawl on … [Read more...]

Wider stream buffers are better for water quality

In 2013, Frederick city drinking water violated federal and state health standards for byproducts of water disinfection. The root cause: high levels of runoff — soil and other organic matter — in Lake Linganore, which … [Read more...]

Green infrastructure a key to sustainable development

We can build a City of Frederick that supplies a better relationship between our built environment, the homes, streets, and infrastructures that support our lifestyles and the natural environment that sustains us. It … [Read more...]

How City Trees, Related Vegetation Reduce Pollution, Improve Health

The National Arbor Day Foundation has a simple app on its website that allows visitors to see how a city changes as it adds tree cover and other vegetation. Using a little sliding tool, one can gradually change the … [Read more...]

Moving beyond “smart growth” to a more holistic city agenda

I have spent most of the last twenty years working on an agenda grounded in, for lack of a better phrase, “smart growth.” That agenda basically holds that our regions must replace suburban sprawl with more compact forms … [Read more...]

How green infrastructure investments can create commercial property value

A new publication from my colleagues in NRDC’s water program shows how green infrastructure practices – integrating nature strategically into urban environments to control runoff and enhance other environmental values – … [Read more...]