County Council member Jerry Donald reflects on year one

My first day in office was one of the most interesting of my first year in office. We were sworn into office at the Weinberg Center. Some of the speeches looked to the future, some to the past. We had a nice reception … [Read more...]

Support the bill to restore important parts of the 2008 stream buffer ordinance

Please read and sign: I support the bill to restore important parts of the 2008 stream buffer ordinance. To make a long … [Read more...]

Inauguration of county executive and council ushers in charter government

It's official. Whether you supported the change to a charter form of government or not, it has arrived. And whether you supported the majority of the last Board of County Commissioners or not, they are gone. … [Read more...]

A Rough Start

It looks like our new County Council may be launching at a disadvantage when it comes to an efficient start. Pre-Pre Meeting Misunderstandings Before all seven seats were even certain (District 1 … [Read more...]

The 2014 primary ballot is set after many candidates file on the final day!

Barring a signature-gathering drive by an "Unaffiliated" candidate, the ballot is set for the 2014 Gubernatorial Primary Election in Frederick County, to be held on June 24, 2014. In the elections for county executive … [Read more...]

One week to go, more candidates have filed, others waiting until the last moment

A growing number of candidates have filed to run in the Frederick County elections for county executive and seven county council seats this year. And yet, with just one week remaining before the filing deadline (Tuesday, … [Read more...]

Four weeks before filing deadline, only a few more candidates have filed for county elections

Four weeks from tomorrow, Tuesday, February 25, 2014, is the deadline for candidates to file to run for office in the Frederick County elections this year. Since out last update two weeks ago, a few more candidates have … [Read more...]