Maryland House committee advances fracking moratorium bill

BILL WOULD PUT A THREE-YEAR HOLD ON PERMITS FOR HIGH-RISK DRILLING PRACTICE ANNAPOLIS—Legislation that would institute a moratorium on fracking advanced today in the General … [Read more...]

TONIGHT: Public Hearing on Expanded Rifle Hunting in Southern Frederick County

It was almost a year ago to the day that I sent a similar message out on this topic, asking many of you to contact the Maryland Department of Natural Resources if you opposed the expansion of rifle hunting in southern … [Read more...]

We need an effective advocate in Annapolis! Help us send Caroline.

Frederick and Carroll Counties avoided the mistake of building a 1,500 tons per day trash, sludge, and tire incinerator, in no small part because a grassroots coalition of ordinary citizens educated themselves about … [Read more...]

Statement in Support of a Long-Term Moratorium on Fracking in Maryland

It is time for our elected representatives in Maryland to listen to the science and keep fracking out of Maryland! Envision Frederick County is one of a lengthy, diverse and growing list of public interest … [Read more...]

No exceptions to Maryland’s stormwater legislation

Editor's note: The "stormwater legislation" referred to here is the 2012 legislation to address runoff into the Chesapeake Bay, and which has been disparagingly called the "rain tax" by developers and other … [Read more...]

When Cheaters Win, We All Lose: A Case for Redistricting Reform

Cheating is wrong. That’s what I tell my children. Last week, during an intense game of Candy Land, I explained to one of my daughters that she could not put her card back and redraw to avoid being stuck in the Molasses … [Read more...]

ACTION ALERT: Funding for Maryland’s parks, recreation and farmland preservation is in jeopardy

The time is NOW to help us impact the funding for Program Open Space! Critical budget decisions will be made by the end of the month with key decisions being made on March 20 and 27. The Committees are debating and … [Read more...]

County Commissioners issue draft 2014 Legislative Considerations

It’s that time of year again, when the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners begins to prepare their annual wish list of legislative recommendations for our county’s delegation to the Maryland General Assembly. … [Read more...]