How Freaking Cool is Tesla?

Cars as we know them are fairly standard. They have batteries, brakes, doors, a windshield, and gasoline-fueled engines. Our automobiles have run on gasoline since the first practical gas engine was invented in 1860. We … [Read more...]

Living with Fracking…in Maryland?

Despite frequent strong objections last week from three of its members, the state’s Marcellus Shale advisory commissioners signed off on — or voted that they could “live with” — a set of best practices for fracking in … [Read more...]

‘Stop Cove Point’ coalition collects more than 150,000 public comments

EXCERPT: The backlash to a proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility at Cove Point in southern Maryland reached new levels today, as a coalition of national, regional and community-based groups together … [Read more...]

Cow Power and Low Hanging Fruit: Organic Waste is Ripe for Capture

When it comes to solid waste and turning our trash into resources, we are truly starting to move away from the stage of low-hanging fruit. It’s time to go after that low-hanging fruit -- organics that is -- before it … [Read more...]

100% wind power is an affordable option for you now!

Residents of Maryland and the District of Columbia have a great opportunity to support renewable energy this spring by purchasing 100% renewable electricity for their homes at very competitive rates. Because energy … [Read more...]

The moral crisis of our time

Environmental activist Sandra Steingraber says her first kindergarten art project was a tiled ashtray. Children often made this “infrastructure” for adults’ tobacco addiction, she said. Her parents didn’t even smoke, but … [Read more...]

We Need a Surgeon General’s Report for Fracked Gas Exports at Cove Point

Fifty years ago the US Surgeon General’s report on cigarettes and lung cancer changed America forever. Before the report, Americans generally thought smoking was okay – maybe even good for us given ads like, “More … [Read more...]

Protesters Decry Cove Point

A boisterous, determined, chanting, sign-waving crowd of at least 700 people from across the state and beyond converged on sunny Baltimore today to say that Dominion Resources’ planned Cove Point export facility for … [Read more...]