Whose job is it?

Ann Nau, Myersville mother and compressor station opponent, recently pleaded with state officials to deny the air quality permit needed to proceed with the project. “I live here. My daughter lives here,” she said, … [Read more...]

2013 Maryland Tour of Solar & Green Homes Highlights 48 Sustainable Homes

The 4th annual Maryland Tour of Solar and Green Homes is this weekend (October 5th & 6th)! This fascinating event is free to the public. As a self-guided tour, you can visit the homes you choose, and as many as your … [Read more...]

The “WTE” Incinerator Wastes More Energy than it Generates

The proposed and approved regional incinerator planned for Frederick County is also referred to as a "Waste to Energy" facility. These incinerators are not just another kind of electricity-producing … [Read more...]

The Night Sky: Sometimes you don’t know what you had when it’s gone!

A couple days ago, in his always excellent blog, my friend Kaid Benfield shared a post entitled "Reclaiming the night sky," about our increasing inability to see, enjoy and even be inspired by the night sky. In his … [Read more...]

Arizona Court Overturns Renewable Energy Credits for Incinerators: A Lesson for Frederick County and Maryland?

The trash incineration business is highly dependent on subsidies from government...or taxpayers. These subsidies come in a variety of forms. In neighboring Montgomery County, as much as 70% of the cost of the … [Read more...]