Who’s sprawling now? Mixed signals on the market

The giant hospitality chain Marriott is planning to move its corporate headquarters away from a completely automobile-dependent campus in suburban Washington, DC. And they are looking for a more transit-oriented … [Read more...]

Codes and roads: Why we’re still building sprawl

At CityLab, Alana Samuels posed a great question: Why are developers still building sprawl? Even as surveys show many people they want walkable communities, the builders keep producing car-oriented sprawl, she … [Read more...]


For thousands of years, humans built settlements scaled to people who walked. Even as inter-city transportation technology changed from domestic animals to trains and cities began to develop streetcar networks … [Read more...]


We often forget that the American pattern of suburban development is an experiment, one that has never been tried anywhere before. We assume it is the natural order because it is what we see all around us. But our own … [Read more...]

Appeal of Ramsburg Farm approval set for Oct. 23rd

Concerned residents living in the shadow of Sugarloaf Mountain and served by Urbana’s Roderick Road have filed an Appeal of Administrative Decision with the Frederick County Board of Zoning Appeals to stop or limit the … [Read more...]

What the latest housing data mean for the environment

Few things have been as simultaneously destructive to the natural environment, the economy, and our social fabric as the tidal wave of suburban sprawl that washed over the US in the late 20th century. Driving rates and … [Read more...]

Help stop the development of the Ramsburg farm!

We are asking for your support and help to convince the Planning Commission and the county commissioners not to approve the development of a 124-acre farm in our rural community. Known as the Ramsburg farm, the … [Read more...]

Janice Wiles testimony opposing the zoning change for the Casey Property

EXCERPT: "So just to be clear on the connection between the Casey development and Frederick City drinking water, in case you don’t know about the public drinking water system that serves Frederick City. … [Read more...]