Steven McKay testimony opposing the zoning change for the Casey Property

EXCERPT: "All of these homes will generate competing needs – some grave needs – for road and school improvements. Only a fraction of these infrastructure needs are currently planned, or funded. And yet, … [Read more...]

Monrovia Town Center – When is a FACT NOT a Fact?

Late on the night of April 23rd, the last night of the Monrovia Town Center hearings, Blaine Young, the President of the Board of County Commissioners and candidate for County Executive, read a letter into the record. … [Read more...]

Just 10 of the reasons to vote against Blaine Young

Editor's Note: The following was submitted by Lesli as a Letter to the Editor of the Frederick News Post on April 16th. She received an automatic "receipt" for the letter, but it was not published. … [Read more...]

Smart Growth America report: Measuring Sprawl 2014

Smart Growth America recently released a report entitled Measuring Sprawl 2014. It's an update to an important and highly respected report the organization released twelve years ago: "Measuring … [Read more...]

Final Monrovia Town Center Public Hearings: April 23rd & 24th

Commissioners President Blaine Young said "his" hearings would be done in one night. How about three nights down and we're not done yet! We go back to work at 6:00pm on Wednesday April 23rd at Winchester Hall. … [Read more...]

A citizen speaks out about the Monrovia Town Center and the county commissioners

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is an edited-for-posting version of the public testimony Meaghan delivered to the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners at the April 10th Public Hearing at … [Read more...]

Won’t Back DOWN! (video)

What happens in Monrovia and New Market with almost 10,000 new homes being approved for decades to come affects ALL of us in Frederick County! Because of the way these developments are being done with TIFS, CDAs, and … [Read more...]

Controversial Monrovia Town Center comes down to final…and vital…public hearings

On April 8, 9 & 10, the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners will hold another in the series of public hearings that have witnessed many hundreds of people voice their displeasure about the proposed Monrovia … [Read more...]