New Monrovia Town Center Hearings Start on Wednesday, March 19

The next round of public hearings on the Monrovia Town Center Planned Unit Development (PUD) proposal is almost upon us. On Wednesday, March 19, the Planning Commission will begin a new set of hearings at 6pm in … [Read more...]


EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a modified-for-print version of Steve McKay's comments to the county commissioners last night at the PUBLIC HEARING "To Consider the Proposed Creation of the Oakdale - Lake Linganore Tax … [Read more...]

Why urban demographers are right about the trend toward downtowns and walkable suburbs

I and others have been tracking for some time a surging interest in walkable neighborhoods, in both reinvested downtowns and more pedestrian-friendly suburban developments. Just last month I cited University of Utah … [Read more...]

Say NO to the Monrovia Town Center! Say no to sprawl, congestion, overcrowded schools and massive subsidies to developers

There are so many things wrong with the proposed Monrovia Town Center. And many of them will affect county residents and taxpayers, even if they do not live in the area. The Frederick County Board of County … [Read more...]

'Green' sprawl is still sprawl

EDITOR'S NOTE: While Kaid Benfield's blog entry below is not specifically about the highly controversial Monrovia Town Center development proposed for 457 acres of farmland at the intersection of Route. … [Read more...]

MDP letter corrects misstatements from Monrovia developers and Planning Commission members

On Wednesday (October 23), the Frederick County Planning Commission held a public hearing on two separate agenda items related to the proposed and controversial Monrovia Town Center. 1 – Rezoning of the agriculture land … [Read more...]

Make Your Voice Heard on October 23rd (oppose the Monrovia Town Center)

That’s right! On October 23rd, we have the opportunity to make our voice heard in opposition to the proposed Monrovia Town Center. We have the opportunity to right the wrong before it is committed. We get to tell the … [Read more...]

Ten Things Wrong With Sprawl

In just the next 34 years, the Census Bureau tells us, we 300 million Americans will be joined by another 92 million.(1) Where will all these people—mostly us and our direct descendants—live, work, play, worship, buy, … [Read more...]