Jeff Speck’s Step-by-Step Guide to Making Better Urban Places

If you are involved in the world of city and neighborhood design, you probably know (or at least have heard of) the work of urban thinker, writer, lecturer, and city planner Jeff Speck. He has authored or coauthored a … [Read more...]

You care about the subdivision regulations, you just don’t know it (yet)

Everybody’s heard of the zoning code. Sooner or later, a developer will submit an application to rezone land near your home or business, and everyone snaps to attention. Neighborhood advocates awaken from hibernation. … [Read more...]

Walkability: It’s not about buildings or streets. It’s about the experience.

We are excited to see the high level of understanding in the Surgeon General’s Step It Up call to action last week, to promote walking and walkable communities. The Surgeon General noted, “Improving walkability means … [Read more...]

America’s Walking Renaissance

I am pleased to offer you a free download of my new book, America's Walking Renaissance, created with America Walks and the Every Body Walk Collaborative. Please feel free to share, tweet, facebook, reprint, … [Read more...]

Four Characteristics of Active, Healthy Neighborhoods

Scientists are learning more and more about how where we live affects the amount of exercise we get, and thus how fit and healthy we are likely to be. In general, city dwellers are particularly well placed to get regular … [Read more...]

The story of walking in US cities in one graph

This graph, from the 2016 Bicycling & Walking Benchmarking Report, released two days ago, tells you most of what you need to know about walking in US cities. The best 10 cities identified in this graph, … [Read more...]

Want Community? Build Walkability!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how our cities shape our habits and our lives. Prioritize car travel and parking lots, and you get places where everybody drives. Build places where it’s delightful to walk, and … [Read more...]

What is a productive place?

We use the term, "productive place," a lot on this site. We contrast a street, which is a platform for building wealth, with a road, which is a high speed connection between productive … [Read more...]