Prince George’s County officially rejects incinerator option!

Prince George’s County has officially declined to move forward with garbage incineration as part of its future solid waste and recycling management system. On 9 August the County notified all bidders that it has … [Read more...]

Trash Incinerators: Don’t Call it a Comeback

NOTE: The New York Times ran an article on Jan 10th, 2015 ("Garbage Incinerators Make Comeback, Kindling Both Garbage and Debate"), acting like incinerators are making a comeback, and featuring the huge Energy Answers … [Read more...]

Celebrate the successful citizen campaign that defeated the incinerator!

It was about nine years ago that citizens in Frederick County (and Carroll County) began working -- and fighting -- against the proposed 1,500 tons per day, regional mass burn incinerator that was eventually planned and … [Read more...]

Zero Waste to Landfill: How Incinerators Get Promoted

The incinerator industry promotes a false belief that the only choices we have in handling our waste is to either burn it for energy or to bury it in a landfill. The existence of what is known as a "waste-to-energy" … [Read more...]

We need an effective advocate in Annapolis! Help us send Caroline.

Frederick and Carroll Counties avoided the mistake of building a 1,500 tons per day trash, sludge, and tire incinerator, in no small part because a grassroots coalition of ordinary citizens educated themselves about … [Read more...]

Testimony from the No Incinerator Alliance to the Frederick County Delegation

Editor's Note: On December 13, 2014, the members of the Frederick County delegation to Annapolis held their annual public hearing at Winchester Hall, hearing testimony from individuals and organizations about a wide … [Read more...]

Defeating the Frederick Incinerator

How on earth did we get to this point, when as recently as April 2014, both Carroll and Frederick Counties were under contract to build a 1,500 tons per day incinerator, and all the necessary permits had been … [Read more...]

Will the incinerator contract be cancelled this week?

The Board of County Commissioners are holding a hearing on Thursday, November 20 at 6:00PM to take public comment about the prospect of canceling the contract to build the "Waste to Energy" incinerator project. (An … [Read more...]