Incinerating trash is an expensive, inefficient and environmentally unfriendly waste of resources!

Many urban areas have built or are considering building waste-incineration facilities to generate energy. At first glance, it seems like a win-win. You get rid of “garbage” and acquire a new energy source with fuel … [Read more...]

Another chance to do the right thing, and say no to the incinerator

It has been more than eight years since Frederick County authorized the expense of more than $100,000.00 to have RW Beck, Inc. study only two options for addressing the county's waste management challenges -- … [Read more...]

Arizona Court Overturns Renewable Energy Credits for Incinerators: A Lesson for Frederick County and Maryland?

The trash incineration business is highly dependent on subsidies from government...or taxpayers. These subsidies come in a variety of forms. In neighboring Montgomery County, as much as 70% of the cost of the … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS: Carroll County commissioners vote to end Waste-to-Energy partnership with Frederick County

The Carroll County Board of County Commissioners voted today to formally end their partnership with Frederick County in the development of a controversial 1,500 tons per day Waste-to-Energy incinerator. The board's … [Read more...]

Frederick County Ignores Major Flaws in Financial Plan for Incinerator

There are a number of major problems with the Waste-to-Energy, or incinerator, plan developed by the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority (the Authority) and still supported by the Frederick County Board of County … [Read more...]