Take Action Maryland: Don’t Let Zero Waste be Hijacked by Incineration!


RE: Senate Bill 105, entitled “Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority – Name and Authority”

ACTION REQUESTED: Click below to send a letter to object to this bill.


The Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority engineered the introduction of Senate Bill 105 this session in Annapolis. The language of the bill, and the way it has been promoted to the legislators, makes it seem as though the Authority wants to adjust its mission to embrace sustainable resource recovery.

However, the Authority has included language in the bill which will still allow them to bond and manage incinerators and other burning technologies.

Citizens worked with several legislators (including Frederick Senator Ron Young — thank you, Senator Young!) adjusting the language of the bill to include a sustainable materials management hierarchy that would discourage and even prevent incineration. But the Authority has worked with other legislators to delete that language from the bill.

And that bad bill passed the Senate. Now it has moved over to the House of Delegates and we need to stop it.

Let’s make it clear: citizens want REAL CHANGE in the NMWDA mission. More recycling, reducing and reusing… no burning!

CLICK HERE if you want the Maryland House of Delegates to require a hierarchy which does not include incineration, and which does not include burning technologies as part of the definition of Resource Recovery Parks.

Your letter will be automatically sent to the members of the House Environment and Technology Committee, chaired by Del. Kumar Barve. It will also go to our five Frederick County members of the House of Delegates.

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