Taking the Blue Hair Challenge to support the Interfaith Housing Alliance

It’s not every day that I take the risk of having to dye my hair blue for a month! But a good cause is a good cause…and this is a very good local cause!

The cause is to raise awareness about, and money for, the Interfaith Housing Alliance.

From the IHA website:

For more than twenty years, IHA has maintained a clear vision to create and preserve quality affordable housing to meet the needs of the residents of the communities we serve.

Through the generosity of our loyal donors, a dedicated Board of Directors and a hard-working staff of highly qualified, mission driven individuals, IHA has become the region’s leading nonprofit affordable housing developer.

IHA is most proud of:

• Creating more than 1,200 affordable housing units

• Investing over $180 million in Maryland and Pennsylvania

• Receiving more than 30 awards of excellence for our accomplishments

IHA’s approach is innovative and ambitious. With a strong passion for mission combined with excellent business practices, we are uniquely structured to quickly and professionally respond to all opportunities to provide high quality affordable housing.

Our housing programs include affordable homeownership opportunities and rental home communities. IHA manages all of its rental homes, ensuring responsiveness to residents’ needs and long term investment in the neighborhoods we serve. Our community-friendly approach means that the needs of neighbors will always be taken into consideration as well. We work hard to ensure that our homes are a source of pride for residents and an asset to their communities.

There is a lot more available about IHA on their website, and I encourage to you take a look around, and learn more about the important issue of affordable housing, and the many and varied things that IHA does to address the issue in our growing community.

If you do, you’ll see why Hugh and I are willing to risk walking around with blue hair for a while. The Blue Hair Challenge pits Hugh Gordon and me against each other in this fun campaign to support IHA..


In this challenge, Hugh and I will be competing to see who can raise the most money to support Interfaith Housing Alliance. The “winner” and “loser” can both can bask in glow of a good deed. But whoever loses will also have a new…blue…hair color, for at least one month.

The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School, has graciously volunteered to support the project by dying the hair of the man who gets fewer votes.

Blue Hair Blues

I can’t take any credit for it at all, but Hugh and friends put together a very fun, must see…and hear…tune about this fundraising effort.


Click below to watch the whole whacky and bluesy video below, including the credits. Thank you to the folks– listed at the end — who played and sang this captivating bit of oddity…even Hugh, my worthy, uh, partner and opponent in this worthwhile endeavor (who penned the lyrics)!

Here are the lyrics:

Saw a post out on Facebook,
From a fellow named Kai,
Lamenting he’s in his fifties,
Maybe life’s passed him by.

Never had him a piercing,
Or any tattoos.
Hadn’t dyed his hair colors.
Never able to choose.

Ya see, Kai didn’t know it, but those words were like lighting a fuse……..
He embyo’ed it, birthing the blue hair blues.

Later on we was chatting,
Kai said, ponder this Hugh.
I think I have chosen,
To dye my hair blue.

Going to ask for donations
And then he thought with a pause.
I’ll give all the money,
To the I-H-A cause.

Kai still didn’t know it, but those words were like lighting a fuse……..
It seemed apropos that, he was birthing the blue hair blues.

I don’t know what made me do it,
But I replied, like a fool.
I’ll do you one better
Challenge you to a blue hair duel.

The one that earns the least money,
Get’s the colorful doo,
The Temple is waiting,
With all shades of blue.

Kai knew that he’d done it, his words had lit up the fuse,
Oh yeah, he begun it, birthing the blue hair blues.

The bread’s for affordable housing,
Maybe for senior cribs too.
What we hope to accomplish,
Is make blue lives less blue.

So please don’t let us down now,
Send a dollar or two,
Do it with cash or a check pal
We’lll take an I.- O.- U.

We have accepted the challenge, we both think that its swell.
We want to send one another…….. to blue hair hell…….

So…we’re having fun with this. But the goal to raise money for the Interfaith Housing Alliance is serious. Please find out more about this excellent, local organization and its work, and consider making a contribution to support it…this month…through the Blue Hair Challenge!

I can’t wrap this up without putting in a small pitch that you make your donation through the link in my name, so as to support the Interfaith Housing Alliance AND cast your votes (every dollar is a vote) for Hugh to go BLUE.

I can think of a lot of reasons, but just one of them is that, Hugh…as an IHA staff member…is in a better position to tell people about IHA when, for a full month, friends, acquaintance and even curious strangers ask him why his hair is blue!

Either way, though, THANK YOU for, well, voting, for one of us, and supporting the Interfaith Housing Alliance at the same time! Every penny raised will go to support the good work of this excellent local organization.

Finally…consider yourself encouraged to share this blog entry (or the Blue Hair Fundraising website) with others!

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And, because what the heck…