Text of Mark Sweadner’s comments at the Join Together Rally

I would like to express my sincere “Thank You” to all those individuals who supported me in the Primary Election.

I am a conservative and that is the reason I am registered as a Republican.

My platform was to reduce property taxes by reducing wasteful spending. I have always voted for whom I thought was the best qualified candidate and who I thought would do the best job for the office they were running for.


I am very proud to say that I did not vote for Blaine Young, Billy Shreve, Kirby Delauter, or Paul Smith in the last election for County Commissioner. In my opinion, they really fooled the public. Please make sure you don’t get fooled again.

I am extremely proud to say that I am supporting Jan Gardner for County Executive. She is definitely the most qualified person for this office. She has been elected as a County Commissioner for three terms and has served as its’ president for one of those terns. She performed outstandingly well all 12 years she served.

She has represented the Maryland Association of Counties as its president. She has served on two state task forces – one for school construction and one for growth and development. She has received the award of Maryland’s Top 100 Women three times. Jan truly cares about you and Frederick County.

Her opponent, BY, claims to be reducing your taxes by reducing expenditures but this is not the truth. BY and his group of fellow Commissioners are for Tax and Spend for their Special Interest Groups. They consistently misrepresent the facts to intentionally fool you, and they are very good at doing this.

Some examples are

1) Approved Tax Incremental Financing (TIF’s) for the Jefferson Technology Park and the Oakdale-Linganore PUD at a $191 million cost to the taxpayers.

2) Cost of over $39 million yearly for employee retirement and health insurance (excludes social security taxes paid of $13.76 million). Average cost for employee retirement and health insurance is $22,869.00 per employee.

3) Excessive pay raises for county employees for the past three fiscal years, costing the taxpayer more than $20 million. The Consumer Price Index for the last three years totaled 6.2% while raised granted for this time period was 14.5%.

4) Sale of Montevue Assisted Living (MAL) and Citizens Care & Rehabilitation Center (CCRC) for a $8 million loss and paying Aurora a $10.7 million operating subsidy over the next 4 years.

5) Claim to have reduced workforce by 25%, when the data shows only a reduction of 10.54% for the period from FY2011 to FY2014. And 3.39% of this total was grant funded positions that saved the county very little. In FY2013, sixty positions were eliminated, but salary & benefit costs increased by $10.66 million (from $169.23 million in FY2012 to $179.89 million in FY2013).

In summary, we all need to support Jan Gardner and the other, better candidates we have for the new county council so Jan can accomplish her agenda. We need to say BYE BYE to BY.

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