Thank you for making our Envision Autumn 2019 event a great success!

On Wednesday evening, September 11th, Envision Frederick County held its fourth almost-annual Envision fundraising dinner event at ThorpeWood — Envision Autumn 2019. In addition to great company and food, in a beautiful setting in the Catoctin Mountains, we were very pleased to have Ed McMahon as our keynote speaker.

Ed is the Charles E. Fraser Chair on Sustainable Development at the Urban Land Institute in Washington, DC. His presentation was entitled: “Dollars and Sense of Preserving the Character of Frederick County.”

Ed with Envision Frederick County board and staff

The board and staff of Envision Frederick County (except for board member Bruce Zavos) along with Ed McMahon, the fantastic keynote speaker for the evening. Pictured left to right: with Kai Hagen, Karin B. Tome, Patrice Gallagher, Barb Trader, Ed McMahon, Ellen Kreis, Mark Long and Elizabeth Bauer

Thank you to everyone who attended. We hope you all enjoyed it…and were inspired and motivated by Ed’s great presentation!

And we especially want to thank the generous supporters who sponsored the event: Bob and Karen White, Sharon Edelstein and Michael William Smith, Joe Richardson, Bruce Zavos, Marcel and Cathy Aillery, Joe Berman, Karl Bickel, Bruce Larson and Alice Carter, Harriett Crosby, Dana French, Jim Jamieson, as well as a number of others who could not attend but made generous contributions. Your support is deeply appreciated!

In addition, I would like to specifically thank Julie and Sam Castleman of ThorpeWood for providing such a beautiful and perfect venue; Jake Sgueo and all the folks at Renaissance Chef Catering for doing such a great job, again; Joe Williams for being the photographer for the event; Richard Schellenberg for recording and processing the video of Ed McMahon’s presentation; Kris Fair and Adam Lawrence for tending bar; Sean Smith, owner of Hi Way Liquors; and everyone else who helped in all sorts of other ways, including our outstanding board members: Elizabeth Bauer, Patrice Gallagher, Ellen Kreis, Mark Long, Karin Tome, Bruce Zavos and Barb Trader.

We are extremely pleased to be able to share the fantastic presentation by our keynote speaker.

As the Senior Fellow for Sustainable Development McMahon leads ULI’s worldwide efforts to conduct research and educational activities on environmentally sensitive development policies and practices. He is also Chairman of the Board of the National Main Street Center and a Senior Advisor to ULI’s Healthy Places Initiative. “Ed is a nationally known as an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker and a leading authority on topics such as the links between health and the built environment, sustainable development, land conservation, smart growth, and historic preservation.”

It’s an hour long, but is absolutely worth your time! Please watch when you get a chance (and share with others). Click the title or the image below to view the video.

“Dollars and Sense of Preserving the Character of Frederick County”

Ed McMahon

(Special thanks to Richard A. Schellenberg for filming and processing Ed’s presentation.)

For anyone who hasn’t been to the previous dinners: Our previous primary speakers have been, in order, Heather Mizeur, Jamie Raskin (along with Mike Tidwell) and Tamara Toles O’Laughlin. You can read about and see photos from the first three such dinner at these links: 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Here are some photograph from the event (thank you, Joe Williams).

Kai and Envision banner

Patrice and Caroline

Barb and Kirsten

Kevin, Jennifer and Tim

Adam and Kris

Ellen and Elizabeth

Missy, Ryan and Andrew

On the patio

Patio table talk

Hillal, Michael and Carolyn

Jan and Harriet

Robert and Patrice

John and Mark

Elliot and Alison

Sabrina and Annette

Jan and husband

Two conversations

Dana and Karl


Lindsay, Jessica, Karl and Cindy

Four chatting


Catherine, Elaine and Catherine

Three chatting

Four at table

Billy chatting

Getting seated

Table talk

Welcome from Kai

Sam speaking

Barb speaking

Crowd shot

Audience seated



Food service

Tables from stairs

Table served

Ed talking

Ed talking

Barb and Kevin

Board and staff with Ed