Upcoming events at Fox Haven Organic Farm and Learning Center

foxhavenlogo300wFox Haven Organic Farm and Learning Center offers our community a beautiful retreat center, alive year-round with nature and wellness events, and a great mix of courses, gatherings and hands-on workshops.

Our staff is spending time during these cold months attending conferences, building partnerships and programs, speaking to the public, mounting a new greenhouse and basically preparing for the seasons when we grow food and invite others to come harvest, prepare and share a meal with us!

Join us for one or more of the upcoming events listed below!

• Tuesday evenings February 3 to March 10th: 6:00-7:15pm
Mindful Child gatherings
(for children ages 6-12)

Mindfulness helps children focus awareness, gain presence, compassion, gratitude, and empathy. We will be teaching guided meditations, breathing/centering techniques, yoga, stories, and reflection through the arts.

OM’s eight week session instills and strengthens their inner resources for dealing with everyday stressors in order to uplift themselves and others around them.

• February 13th and 14th
Stay & Cook Valentine Weekend with Homeshed Kitchens

Great cooking classes and delicious food in a beautiful setting

stayandcookgraphic260wBreak away from the daily grind and unwind at the farm for a relaxing weekend of cooking! Yes…cooking! If you love to cook, then you understand how creating a meal can be a relaxing getaway from it all!

“The kitchen is a place of comfort and a platform for creativity. That’s exactly what our Stay & Cook Weekend Getaways at Fox Haven Farms are all about! You do not have to be a perfect cook in order to feel comfortable and have fun in the kitchen. I believe that when people gather around a table to share in a meal, relationships are cultivated and community is strengthened.

In this spirit, I will teach important culinary techniques that will allow any home chef to feel confident in the kitchen.”

— Chef Jeanette

• February 21st
Roots Cooking Class with Debbie Amster

Join others to learn creative ideas for use of root veggies.

• February 22: 1:00-3:30pm
Writer’s Workshop with award-winning author and teacher, Lisa Couturier teaching creative non-fiction writing

writersworkshop260Do you have a piece of creative-nonfiction you’ve started, say 2-4 pages long, and you’d like feedback on it? Maybe you’d like to discuss how the work could be broadened, strengthened, pared down, made more universal, or more lyrical. We will attempt these things in this gathering of welcoming writers—all levels of writers—who wish to stretch their minds and hearts. We will not criticize but instead will energize our work. Hopefully, we will learn to feel the work, listen to it and to what it asks of us.

• February 22: 4:00-5:30pm
Poetry Readings with Lisa Couturier and Elizabeth Rees

Award winning authors give readings from their most recently published poetry collections on animals and the environment.

lisacouturier260w“Even adjectives are untamed in Lisa Couturier’s exquisite poems,” says author and poet Chris Cokinos. “Things beckon and die. Beloved creatures and parts of the human heart come back to the world of human and animal kinship. Though there is, here, a ‘sadness for animals’–deer, horse, vulture, seal, child, parent–and though she wonders if ‘absence asks/if it has all been enough”–we discover that by having a body, we have the wild, and these poems are vivid sinews. This is wise, heartbreaking and beautiful work.”

Writer, Sven Birkerts, says about Every Root a Branch, “Elizabeth Rees’s poetic imagination, imagistic and psychologically honed, projects back into history, as far back as the myths of origin–and these poems, weighted with mattering, give a picture of the narrative behind our daily projections: longings, sorrows, retributions and redemptions. We feel a poet doing the poet’s hard work, processing what is.”

• March 7th: 9:30-1:00pm
American Chestnut Tree Exploration and MD chapter meeting
(open to all)

Come learn about the science and history of this majestic tree and how you can get involved in restoring this piece of our Appalachian heritage.

American Chestnut Explore & Discovery Tables; history and heritage, biodiversity and ecological value, restoration efforts and methods, basic identification and hands-on activities

Open meeting of the American Chestnut Foundation Maryland Chapter with speakers on phytophthera root rot and alternative breeding approaches.

Tour of the American Chestnut orchard to follow.

• March 19: 6:15 – 9:00pm
Program on the Emerald Ash Borer with the Frederick County Forestry board
(open to all)

emeraldashborer260Join us to learn how the emerald ash borer, a destructive insect now present in Frederick County, could impact our forests and landscapes. Mike Kay of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources hopes to see forest landowners, homeowners and parks and facilities personnel at the program so they can learn what the future might hold.

There will be handouts. Nominal entry fee to cover handouts and light refreshments.

Fox Haven welcomes anyone interested in helping out with gardening and special projects throughout the year. Volunteering at Fox Haven is a great way for high school students to get community service hours (and eat fresh food from the gardens)!

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