Walking from Winter into Spring in photos by Dennis Crews

These days of late winter we’re all getting tired of the drab monochrome of the “dead” season. We’re cheered by the sight of green or other colors in the woods, the lawn and garden.

But sometimes the forms and patterns of winter can be as beautiful and happy-making as seeing live buds pushing up through the carpet of last year’s leaves. Especially when water, ice or snow are in the mix.

We didn’t get much snow or ice this year, but at Kai’s request I’m sharing some pictures from the past few years. A lot of these are made from an intimate distance, but there are several landscapes (including a few from a bird’s-eye perspective, courtesy of J.J. Greenway and his flying machine). Most of these were taken around Myersville.

I’m going to walk us from winter into spring, ending with flowers as as reminder that it’s really not that far off now. I’m calling these sketches, because if I were a real pen-and-ink artist or painter, I would be drawn by some of these subjects as surely as I’d try to draw them.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Click on any of the images below to open a larger version.]

Sunrise over the Shenandoah River near Harpers Ferry

Time exposure of Middle Creek near Crow Rock Rd. shows circular motion of the water’s surface.

See more photography from Dennis at www.dcrewsphoto.com (website under revision).

His novel “The Redemption of Valerie Tolliver” is available at Curious Iguana bookstore. You can read a synopsis at www.valerienovel.com.