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Karen spent summer vacations with family in rural Virginia, where she spent a lot of time picking vegetables, playing in a hayloft and playing with kittens. She attended Frostburg State (BA Art) and the Univ. of Baltimore (MS Business), worked in public relations and marketing and managed an incubator for start-up biotech companies. She raised a son, while selling functional stoneware. Before moving to Frederick County, she lived on 16 wooded acres in Harford County, where she learned to identify the call of the Wood Thrush, the sound of passing deer and the names of plants such as Joe Pye Weed and Mayapple. She currently serves on the Frederick County Nature Council.

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Health of Monocacy River is not being taken seriously enough!

I write on behalf of the Climate Change Working Group, a growing group of local citizens concerned about our children’s future. We seek to help prepare Frederick County and its residents to adapt to and mitigate the … [Read more...]

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Climate Change Working Group Formed: Consider Joining Us!

If you are interested in working as part of a purposeful group, with a vision of creating a resilient future in the face of Climate Change, you are invited to a Climate Change Working Group meeting this … [Read more...]

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Preparing for Climate Change in Frederick County and Beyond

As a Master Naturalist and volunteer environmental educator in the Maryland Department of Natural Resources program Teaching Environmental Awareness in Maryland, I have learned about global climate change and conversed … [Read more...]