Frederick City Aldermanic Primary Forum 2021-Environment/Land Use Issues Summary

Envision Frederick County is part of the Smarter Growth Alliance for Frederick County. Our group worked with the Frederick County League of Women Voters to ask questions of the environment to the candidates. Below is … [Read more...]

FCPS and Climate Change Education

NOTE: This piece is reprinted from its appearance as a Letter to the Editor of the Frederick News Post , with permission from the authors.

As current and former students of the Frederick County Public … [Read more...]

Envision Essentials 2021 Speakers

Envision Essentials 2021 Speaker Roster[Read more...]

As we open back up, it’s worth reflecting on what we’ve gained in the middle of this year+ of loss. We’ve unexpectedly and tragically lost loved ones; lost our health to a strange flu; lost jobs, income or ability to … [Read more...]

Backyard Chickens in Middletown

Did you know that chickens are only allowed on properties two acres or larger within the Town of Middletown’s town limits?  How many properties does this actually apply to?  I wish I had a firm number, but I imagine it’s … [Read more...]

Building the Creative Economy in Frederick County

In the post-COVID environment, the role of government in economic development will be, at least for a time, greater than ever. After the economic contractions of a year of quarantine, with many white-collar businesses … [Read more...]

In Search of Dandelions: A Bee’s Journey

The Bee emerges from his egg in early spring.  He is hungry for the work nature has intended for him to do and the role he will play in the renewing and feeding of other animals.  Mostly the Bee is hungry for pollen to … [Read more...]

Livable Frederick: South Frederick Corridors Plan

The Livable Frederick Master Plan, adopted by the county in 2019, lays out a vision for what we hope Frederick County will look like in the decades ahead, and also offers plans for how to achieve that vision. Part of the … [Read more...]