Climate Change Working Group releases position paper on energy and Frederick County

After eight months of work and six drafts, it is my privilege to introduce Achieving Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050: A Position Paper on Energy and Climate Change in Frederick County. The … [Read more...]

Coping with Covid: An online market opportunity to build local food resiliency


Circumstances created by the Covid-19 virus quickly revealed frustrating weaknesses in our supply chains. Those seen in fresh foods are a natural outcome of what is typical scarcity in our local supply. Only 10% of the … [Read more...]

#Climate Stewards Pledge

We must walk more gently on the Earth. Households in the United States emit an average of 21.5 metric tons of carbon per year – almost 5 times the global average. Our goal for planetary health should be closer to … [Read more...]

How should the City of Frederick accessorize?

When it comes to accessory dwelling units, the City of Frederick is playing catch-up. Numerous jurisdictions around the country have eased restrictions on what were once known as granny flats, garage apartments or in-law … [Read more...]

Smart Growth Maryland Announces New Smarter Growth Alliance for Howard County

Smart Growth Maryland is proud to have partnered with the Howard County Sierra Club and The People’s Voice, LLC to create the Smarter Growth Alliance for Howard County, which brings together organizations focused on … [Read more...]

We Used to Just Call These “Houses”

We have a way in the modern world of rediscovering things that humans have always done but branding them as something trendy and a little alien. So it goes with the explosion of interest in "tiny houses" as an answer to … [Read more...]

Malls to mixed-use centers and other opportunities

While hundreds of malls are declining, they are also being reused for all kinds of purposes—including walkable urban places in communities lacking in this kind of environment. The retail industry … [Read more...]

Thank you for making our Envision Autumn 2019 event a great success!

On Wednesday evening, September 11th, Envision Frederick County held its fourth almost-annual Envision fundraising dinner event at ThorpeWood — Envision Autumn 2019. In addition to great company and food, in a beautiful … [Read more...]