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Charles L. Marohn, Jr. PE AICP is a licensed civil engineer, certified land use planner, author, broadcaster and influential thinker. He is the president of Strong Towns, a 501(c)-3 non-profit organization based in Minnesota. His passion is working with cities and towns on issues of economic development, land use and engineering - particularly those places that are seeking answers as to why the standard orthodoxy has failed to create prosperity for them.

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A Free Market for Parking

Free Parking

I had an interesting conversation with someone last week about the free market as it relates to parking requirements. I was advocating for some additional review of applications in instances where, at least in my … [Read more...]

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Failure to act (like professionals)

I'm a licensed civil engineer. As an undergrad at the University of Minnesota, I was offered the opportunity to join the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) at a student membership rate of $25. My class was told … [Read more...]

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Poor Neighborhoods Make the Best Investments

This is not a social justice argument. I'm not writing this post to shame you into taking some altruistic action for the greater good. What I'm going to present here is pure dollars and cents. Consider the two … [Read more...]

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Strong towns strength test

People frequently ask if there is a way to measure a successful Strong Town. Systems like LEED-ND have value, but the technical analysis required is time consuming and beyond the reach of many non-professionals. The … [Read more...]

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The Greatest Social Challenge of our Generation

As coarse as it may sound, the natural order of cities for thousands of years was to have a collection of affluent people living in places surrounded by poor people. The affluent lived close to the center -- within the … [Read more...]

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The Role of the Strong Citizen

A fair portion of the Strong Towns audience is professionals, people who are considered experts in their field. As we've spent this week highlighting the contributions of the Strong Citizen, most professionals plugged … [Read more...]

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Understanding Growth (part 1)

"We have become over-obsessed with the idea of growth. We are not exactly sure what we are growing toward, but we compensate for this shortcoming by accelerating." -Tomas Sedlacek in Economics of Good and … [Read more...]

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The distorted DNA of your community

You are made principally of carbon. So is every other living thing on earth, from plants to animals to bacteria and DNA itself. There is a reason for this: At a molecular level, carbon is a really flexible element. It … [Read more...]