Health of Monocacy River is not being taken seriously enough!

I write on behalf of the Climate Change Working Group, a growing group of local citizens concerned about our children’s future. We seek to help prepare Frederick County and its residents to adapt to and mitigate the … [Read more...]

Tony Chmelik ignores the facts and defends poor planning

County Executive Jan Gardner recently released two studies detailing looming taxpayer costs to support the flurry of bad development approvals by the Blaine Young BoCC. The two reports, one focusing on schools and the … [Read more...]

Ten key ingredients of a green and healthy community

If someone asks what a green community, or a healthy one, means to you, what comes to mind? I’m willing to bet that for most people it is the visible and tangible aspects: a lovely city park, perhaps, or mature street … [Read more...]

Great Idea: Context-based street design

For much of the last century, thoroughfares were designed for maximum motor-vehicle mobility, often making cities and towns dysfunctional for people outside of cars. In walkable neighborhoods and centers, streets are … [Read more...]

County Executive Gardner blasts previous Young board on growth

A sobering presentation from County Executive Jan Gardner on Thursday highlighted the downside of growth, and put county council Republicans on the defensive. They promise to vet the information in the coming … [Read more...]

Head Start and ThorpeWood: Graduating to the world outside

EDITOR'S NOTE: Originally posted on ThorpeWood's website in June. But with summer ending and school starting again, it seemed like a good time to share. Also, please note the information below the blog entry about … [Read more...]

Become a Chesapeake Steward this fall!

Do you ever wish you knew more about this amazing watershed we call the Chesapeake Bay? We can help! Come "back-to-school" with CBF in a six-week, professionally taught course on all things clean … [Read more...]

Bay Journal to lose EPA funding

Citing 'shift in priorities,' agency cancels multi-year grant for 27-year-old nonprofit news outlet covering the Chesapeake. It’s always awkward to become the news rather than simply report it, … [Read more...]