Backyard Chickens in Middletown

Did you know that chickens are only allowed on properties two acres or larger within the Town of Middletown’s town limits?  How many properties does this actually apply to?  I wish I had a firm number, but I imagine it’s … [Read more...]

Building the Creative Economy in Frederick County

In the post-COVID environment, the role of government in economic development will be, at least for a time, greater than ever. After the economic contractions of a year of quarantine, with many white-collar businesses … [Read more...]

In Search of Dandelions: A Bee’s Journey

The Bee emerges from his egg in early spring.  He is hungry for the work nature has intended for him to do and the role he will play in the renewing and feeding of other animals.  Mostly the Bee is hungry for pollen to … [Read more...]

Livable Frederick: South Frederick Corridors Plan

The Livable Frederick Master Plan, adopted by the county in 2019, lays out a vision for what we hope Frederick County will look like in the decades ahead, and also offers plans for how to achieve that vision. Part of the … [Read more...]

Frederick County is Struggling to Preserve its Rural Roads

In 1977, there were more than 300 miles of gravel road in Frederick County, almost one quarter of all county-maintained roads at that time.  By 1996, we were down to 140 miles of gravel roads – a clear indicator of the … [Read more...]

Grow Squash and Kids Together!

Growing vegetables is an adventure. Growing kids is also an adventure. I propose they grow best together. Growing kids and vegetables together is the best way to grow vegetable lovers. It’s like they cross-pollinate … [Read more...]

Rotary International Embraces Protecting The Environment

When you think about the word “Rotary”, images of folks in Rotary-emblazoned shirts picking up trash, helping to construct a handicap ramp for a neighbor in need, working with a student to complete a local service … [Read more...]

A Solar Convert: Having a Warm Winter With No Heating Bill

I am a warm weather person; sometimes even a hot-weather person.  So, when I tell you my heating bills in the winter get pretty high because I like to be warm, please believe me.  By November 1, if I can wait that long, … [Read more...]