Twelve steps of sprawl recovery

In communities across America sprawl is giving way to more diverse places. Here are a dozen keys to that trend. The storm clouds of sprawl addiction had been gathering for years, but it took the … [Read more...]

You care about the subdivision regulations, you just don’t know it (yet)

Everybody’s heard of the zoning code. Sooner or later, a developer will submit an application to rezone land near your home or business, and everyone snaps to attention. Neighborhood advocates awaken from hibernation. … [Read more...]

Suburban Remix: A New Generation of Walkable Development

In 2001, a new book came out with my name (and those of two colleagues) on the cover. It was a book of case studies of smart-growth alternatives to suburban sprawl, divided into three categories: urban development, … [Read more...]

They paved paradise, put up a parking lot

The asphalt-industrial complex—otherwise known as Big Asphalt—took control of our cities and towns. Here's how we can take it back. In America we have 2.5 million miles of paved roads, and an … [Read more...]

We consistently ask the wrong questions about transit investment

“Public transit wastes my money.” “If public transit is so great, shouldn’t ticket sales cover the cost?” “Why should I pay for a bus I’ll never take?” Read the comments section on just about any news story dealing … [Read more...]

Once they start composting, people find other ways to be “green”

With new city program, residents increased energy, water conservation COLUMBUS, Ohio – Composting food scraps can prompt people to make other earth-friendly choices, new research has found.

When … [Read more...]

Wilderness connected: The case for an Eastern “wildway”

Healthy waters are dependent on healthy land. Healthy land is dependent on big, healthy forests. And healthy forests, in turn, depend not only on sun and rain and fertile soil, but also on a broad array of wildlife — … [Read more...]

The 5 Immutable Laws of Affordable Housing

Affordable housing has become something of a buzzword (or two words) in urban circles over the last few decades. In fact, a veritable movement has arisen in cities with high housing costs, which seeks to ensure that … [Read more...]