NIMBY By Any Other Name


“Large swaths of our city are exclusively zoned for single-family homes, so unless you have the ability to build a very large home on a very large lot, you can’t live in the neighborhood,” says Minneapolis mayor Jacob … [Read more...]

Experience is the new buzzword for walkable town centers

As the retail market becomes less certain, mixed-use developers look to other ways to boost foot traffic and create a destination. Online retail sales are having a mixed impact on urbanism. … [Read more...]

Revitalizing Brunswick: Smart Growth Maryland Assists with New Vision

Serving as a resource for individuals who are working to save places that matter to their community is critical to the mission of Preservation Maryland. Since fall of 2017, the organization has assisted City of Brunswick … [Read more...]

Jeff Speck’s Step-by-Step Guide to Making Better Urban Places

If you are involved in the world of city and neighborhood design, you probably know (or at least have heard of) the work of urban thinker, writer, lecturer, and city planner Jeff Speck. He has authored or coauthored a … [Read more...]

Join us for a fabulous Farm to Table Dinner at Bar-T Mountainside to benefit Mountainside Education and Enrichment

As someone who personally experiences all the health and other benefits that come from being surrounded by nature, I am glad to be on the staff of Mountainside Education and Enrichment. MEE teaches, … [Read more...]

Gentle density: Making neighborhoods transit-ready

Accessory dwellings can triple the density on a single-family lot while preserving the character of neighborhoods. Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a rapidly growing city—the largest in Northwest Arkansas, … [Read more...]

Riparian Buffers – Celebrating Fifteen Years

The riparian buffers on our farm on Middle River are now fifteen years old. Fifteen years ago, the “River Farm” was basically a cool-season grass pasture with a few scattered mature trees along the banks of the river. … [Read more...]

Planning for resilience

“What the city lacks right now is some overarching plan.” That’s what Frederick’s new mayor, Michael O’Connor, said the other day, asking the public to weigh in on the findings of his Strategic Opportunities Advisory … [Read more...]