State’s attorney Charlie Smith ignores clear ethics violation by former commissioner Paul Smith

It took one year and two months for me to learn – yet again – how difficult it can be to enforce ethics in Frederick County. That’s when I learned that the ethics complaint that I filed against former County … [Read more...]

FACT-Gate and Monrovia Town Center

On January 26, 2015, Circuit Court Judge William Nicklas ruled in favor of allowing the subpoena of former Commissioner Paul Smith, as part of an appeal filed by Residents Against Landsdale Expansion (RALE), to remain in … [Read more...]

Going, going…gone!? Is Frederick County’s future for sale?

As election day approaches, it's clear that charter government is not the only change that has come to Frederick County. We have now joined many other places where a powerful special interest -- or a few -- spend big … [Read more...]

$160 million giveaway to developers? There are TIFs, and then there are TIFS

During this election cycle, there has been a good deal of discussion around growth and development issues, and economic development priorities - being "business friendly". Recent debate has centered around the … [Read more...]

Using a fact to tell a lie (Blaine Young banks on voter ignorance)!

Blaine Young is the president of the last Frederick County Board of County Commissioners, he is a candidate to be the first Frederick County Executive, and he is a liar. I understand...and have been reminded by a few … [Read more...]

Commissioners open development floodgates wider as end of term nears

Winchester Hall is going to be very busy, again, on Wednesday and Thursday this week. It starts on Wednesday morning, when the Frederick County Planning Commission has another very full docket! Let's call it a … [Read more...]

Montevue Matters Now…More Than Ever

In 1828, farmers Elias and Catherine Brunner signed their names to a document that has survived the tests of history and ensured their place in Frederick County’s historical record. Selling acreage to the county for … [Read more...]

Blaine Young on parade

So I'm sitting on my son's front porch on Main Street in Woodsboro, watching the annual Memorial Day parade. We Americans observe this holiday to honor our war dead, but over the decades that purpose has been mixed with … [Read more...]