City of Frederick Seeks to Fill Vacancies on the Green Initiative Team

Frederick, MD -- The Green Initiative Team (GIT) is gearing up for spring and is currently seeking three (3) City residents to serve on this committee. The role of the Green Initiative Team (GIT) is … [Read more...]

Slow progress dealing with residential and commercial blight in Frederick

The issue of “blight” in the City of Frederick has been getting a significant amount of attention in the press lately and many residents seem to be losing patience with city leaders. Sadly, it seems that as much as … [Read more...]

Election Results for the City of Frederick 2013 Primary for Mayor and Board of Alderman

The field of candidates is now set for the 2013 general election in Frederick for mayor and all five members of the Board of Aldermen. Below are the unofficial results of the September 10th primary. The final and … [Read more...]

City of Frederick Primary Election Tuesday: PLEASE VOTE!

If you are a registered Democrat or Republican in the City of Frederick, I sincerely hope you are planning to vote in the city's important primary election tomorrow! Envision Frederick County does not endorse … [Read more...]

The Bottom Line Tonight: Enabling and facilitating a WalMart Supercenter on the Golden Mile is a choice!

It is with genuine disappointment I note that, tonight, a majority of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Frederick are probably going to vote to adopt a new zoning map that will, among other things, change the zoning … [Read more...]