Support the bill to Prevent Zoning Amendments immediately before and after elections

There is an important public hearing this Tuesday evening (May 2, at 7:00pm) for County Executive Jan Gardner's proposed legislation to prohibit zoning amendments six months before and three months after Frederick County … [Read more...]

Support the bill to restore important parts of the 2008 stream buffer ordinance

Please read and sign: I support the bill to restore important parts of the 2008 stream buffer ordinance. To make a long … [Read more...]

Council Ignores Judge on Monrovia Town Center

On Tuesday, June 9th (at 6:00pm), the county council will hold a public hearing on the Monrovia Town Center. The hearing is intended to be their response to circuit court Judge Nicklas’ decision to remand the case … [Read more...]

RALE subpoenas Paul Smith and two others about unauthorized “FACT” letter

PRESS RELEASE EXCERPT: "RALE has served subpoenas calling on former Frederick County Commissioner Paul Smith, Frederick Area Committee on Transportation (FACT) Secretary Michael Proffitt and Frederick County staff … [Read more...]

What Kirby Delauter Really Showed Me

Along with the rest of Frederick County, not to mention what must have been millions of people across our state, the country, and even around world, I was shocked to hear about what some are now referring to as the … [Read more...]

Will the incinerator contract be cancelled this week?

The Board of County Commissioners are holding a hearing on Thursday, November 20 at 6:00PM to take public comment about the prospect of canceling the contract to build the "Waste to Energy" incinerator project. (An … [Read more...]

Monrovia Town Center Phase 2 Hearing (Wednesday): Patronage or Planning?

On Wednesday, November 19th, at 9:30 in the morning, the Frederick County Planning Commission will review the Combined Preliminary Subdivision/Site Development Plan for the Monrovia Town Center PUD. At the hearing, the … [Read more...]

Going, going…gone!? Is Frederick County’s future for sale?

As election day approaches, it's clear that charter government is not the only change that has come to Frederick County. We have now joined many other places where a powerful special interest -- or a few -- spend big … [Read more...]