Defeating the Frederick Incinerator

How on earth did we get to this point, when as recently as April 2014, both Carroll and Frederick Counties were under contract to build a 1,500 tons per day incinerator, and all the necessary permits had been … [Read more...]

Truth takes a back seat in ongoing incinerator saga

Last week Carroll County paid $1,000,000.00 to exit as Frederick's partner in the 1,500 tons-per-day regional trash and tire incinerator planned for location at the McKinney Industrial Center south of Frederick City. The … [Read more...]

Carroll County officially released from incinerator partnership

Envision Frederick County will be posting more details and a few blog entries about what this means for Frederick County and the incinerator, but in the meantime, here's the basic news, with links to the coverage in the … [Read more...]

National Parks Conservation Association: “Help Stop Trash Incinerator Next To Monocacy National Battlefield”

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) has created an online action alert about the proposed and approved 1,500 tons per day, regional mass burn incinerator that is still planned for a site three miles from … [Read more...]

Three INCINERATOR Items to Note Today

The proposed and approved 1,500 tons per day, regional mass burn incinerator, planned for the bank of the Monocacy River, about three miles from downtown Frederick is neither a done deal or dead. Today brings three … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS: Carroll County commissioners vote to end Waste-to-Energy partnership with Frederick County

The Carroll County Board of County Commissioners voted today to formally end their partnership with Frederick County in the development of a controversial 1,500 tons per day Waste-to-Energy incinerator. The board's … [Read more...]

Frederick County Ignores Major Flaws in Financial Plan for Incinerator

There are a number of major problems with the Waste-to-Energy, or incinerator, plan developed by the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority (the Authority) and still supported by the Frederick County Board of County … [Read more...]