The dumbing down of Smart Growth will fail to preserve MD landscape

If you’re not yet worried about Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s abandonment of Smart Growth, you might want to read a new study on how Dumb Growth could cost Frederick County taxpayers some half a billion bucks. First, a … [Read more...]

Envision Frederick County joins Choose Clean Water Coalition

We are pleased to announce that Envision Frederick County recently joined the growing Choose Clean Water Coalition. The Choose Clean Water Coalition was officially launched on May 20, 2009, when more than sixty … [Read more...]

CBF Press Release: Supreme Court Allows Chesapeake Bay Blueprint to Stand

Farm Bureau Challenge without Merit (ANNAPOLIS, MD)—The U.S. Supreme Court today denied the request of the American Farm Bureau Federation and its allies to take up their case challenging the legality … [Read more...]

Conference at Hood College: Growth and the Future of the Chesapeake Bay (Jan. 13-14)

We’ve all seen it: The patch of woods lost for a new house, a meadow plowed under to help feed a growing population, the bottom of a once-clear stream filled with silt which turns the water muddy every time it … [Read more...]

Cove Point Opponents Call on O’Malley to Act After PSC Fails to Require Safety Study for Gas Export Proposal

Conditional permit issued for controversial LNG export project that would hike energy costs, threaten public safety, speed fracking and climate change, and harm the Chesapeake Bay. Friday, May 30, 2014 By Kelly … [Read more...]

No exceptions to Maryland’s stormwater legislation

Editor's note: The "stormwater legislation" referred to here is the 2012 legislation to address runoff into the Chesapeake Bay, and which has been disparagingly called the "rain tax" by developers and other … [Read more...]

Protesters Decry Cove Point

A boisterous, determined, chanting, sign-waving crowd of at least 700 people from across the state and beyond converged on sunny Baltimore today to say that Dominion Resources’ planned Cove Point export facility for … [Read more...]