Smarter Growth Alliance of Frederick County: Letter of support for County Executive’s proposed amendments to the Forest Resource Ordinance

Please read this letter from the Smarter Growth Alliance of Frederick County, expressing strong support for County Executive Jan Gardner’s proposed amendments (Bill 17-17) to the county's Forest … [Read more...]

CHARTER: What happens when the county executive vacates the office?

Before you read ahead here, please take a moment first to consider this question: Under the new charter in Frederick County, what do you think happens if and when the county executive vacates the office for any reason … [Read more...]

In candidates and governance, character counts!

Since charter government was approved in 2010, the Frederick News Post has published many news articles, columns, editorials and letters to the editor about the change to a new form of government and its impact on … [Read more...]

Text of Mark Sweadner’s comments at the Join Together Rally

I would like to express my sincere “Thank You” to all those individuals who supported me in the Primary Election. I am a conservative and that is the reason I am registered as a Republican. My platform was to … [Read more...]

Some observations and thoughts the day after the primary election

The primary election in Frederick County, and throughout Maryland, was yesterday. The ballot is now set for the general election in November. Between now and then there will be no shortage of analysis, plenty of … [Read more...]

One week to go, more candidates have filed, others waiting until the last moment

A growing number of candidates have filed to run in the Frederick County elections for county executive and seven county council seats this year. And yet, with just one week remaining before the filing deadline (Tuesday, … [Read more...]

Thinking about Our Next County Government and Schools

Elections are often as much about the past as the future. While history inevitably informs the present it’s easy to get bogged down in arguments over what should have been done by those in office. The election for … [Read more...]

Four weeks before filing deadline, only a few more candidates have filed for county elections

Four weeks from tomorrow, Tuesday, February 25, 2014, is the deadline for candidates to file to run for office in the Frederick County elections this year. Since out last update two weeks ago, a few more candidates have … [Read more...]