Some observations and thoughts the day after the primary election

The primary election in Frederick County, and throughout Maryland, was yesterday. The ballot is now set for the general election in November. Between now and then there will be no shortage of analysis, plenty of … [Read more...]

No-Incinerator Alliance survey: Where do the candidates stand?

The No Incinerator Alliance has surveyed the candidates running for County Executive and County Council in Frederick County this year, to determine their basic position on the controversial 1,500 tons per day, regional … [Read more...]

The Flim Flam Man: Blaine Young on Citizens and Montevue

Last Spring, the Frederick Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted to privatize the county owned Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center (CCRC) and the Montevue Assisted Living facility (MALF). The commissioners … [Read more...]

Final Monrovia Town Center Public Hearings: April 23rd & 24th

Commissioners President Blaine Young said "his" hearings would be done in one night. How about three nights down and we're not done yet! We go back to work at 6:00pm on Wednesday April 23rd at Winchester Hall. … [Read more...]


EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a modified-for-print version of Steve McKay's comments to the county commissioners last night at the PUBLIC HEARING "To Consider the Proposed Creation of the Oakdale - Lake Linganore Tax … [Read more...]

The 2014 primary ballot is set after many candidates file on the final day!

Barring a signature-gathering drive by an "Unaffiliated" candidate, the ballot is set for the 2014 Gubernatorial Primary Election in Frederick County, to be held on June 24, 2014. In the elections for county executive … [Read more...]

One week to go, more candidates have filed, others waiting until the last moment

A growing number of candidates have filed to run in the Frederick County elections for county executive and seven county council seats this year. And yet, with just one week remaining before the filing deadline (Tuesday, … [Read more...]

Don't believe the hype! The basic facts about recent county budgets in a simple graphic

The budget is the most important task of a county commissioner, as it will be for the first county executive. Investing the tax revenues from county residents and businesses is a serious responsibility, and the county … [Read more...]