Fracking Affects Myersville Even Without Drilling

In talking about 'fracking', the industry commonly tries to limit the public discussion to the actual process of injecting liquid at high pressure into rock formations to extract gas. However, there is a broad and … [Read more...]

We Need a Surgeon General’s Report for Fracked Gas Exports at Cove Point

Fifty years ago the US Surgeon General’s report on cigarettes and lung cancer changed America forever. Before the report, Americans generally thought smoking was okay – maybe even good for us given ads like, “More … [Read more...]

Protesters Decry Cove Point

A boisterous, determined, chanting, sign-waving crowd of at least 700 people from across the state and beyond converged on sunny Baltimore today to say that Dominion Resources’ planned Cove Point export facility for … [Read more...]

Whose job is it?

Ann Nau, Myersville mother and compressor station opponent, recently pleaded with state officials to deny the air quality permit needed to proceed with the project. “I live here. My daughter lives here,” she said, … [Read more...]

Myersville vs Dominion: A David vs Goliath Story

It's been two years since the residents in and around the town of Myersville, Maryland, were informed that Dominion Transmission, Inc. (DTI) planned to construct and operate a 16,000 horsepower natural gas compressor … [Read more...]