Once upon a time, when education was adequately funded

Editors Note: The following is a slightly edited for print transcript of the public testimony delivered by MC to the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners at the May 7, 2014 Public Hearing on the FY2015 … [Read more...]

Commissioners message: Investing in education not part of being “business friendly”

Our county commissioners claim to be all about job creation and bragging that Frederick County is “open for business”. They boastfully present themselves as improving the economic standing of our county as “business … [Read more...]

Don't believe the hype! The basic facts about recent county budgets in a simple graphic

The budget is the most important task of a county commissioner, as it will be for the first county executive. Investing the tax revenues from county residents and businesses is a serious responsibility, and the county … [Read more...]

More “Facts on county budget, please”

On August 4th, 2013, Bob White had a letter to the editor published in the Frederick News Post, entitled: "Facts on county budget, please" It's worth noting a few things about Bob White. Bob served 17 years on the … [Read more...]