County Council: Please demand a better Bikeways and Trails Plan!

Back in 1999 I was part of a citizens group that worked with Frederick County government to create a Bikeways and Trails Plan. The plan, nearly a year in the making, was subsequently approved by the County … [Read more...]

Green Homes Challenge: Saving energy and money! Learn how it can work for you.

Every year for the past six hears, the Frederick County Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources has hosted an event to celebrate the households in Frederick County that are going green, saving energy, and … [Read more...]

An opportunity to weigh in on the next Frederick County budget!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is excerpted from Frederick County Council member Jessica Fitzwater's most recent newsletter. She regularly publishes an excellent e-newsletter with good information about … [Read more...]

Frederick County Announces New Solar Co-Op

The Frederick County Office of Sustainability, Environmental Resources (OSER) and Maryland Solar United Neighbors (MD-SUN), a state project of the Community Power Network, are teaming up to create the Frederick … [Read more...]

Volunteer to Serve on Frederick County Boards and Commissions

Are you aware of the many and varied boards and commissions in Frederick County? Have you ever thought about volunteering to serve our community on one? County Executive, Jan Gardner, has issued a notice inviting … [Read more...]

Opportunities to serve Frederick County on various Boards, Commissions and Committees

The Frederick County Executive is soliciting applications from persons interested in serving on several volunteer boards and commissions. Deadline is 4:00pm, Friday, March 20, 2015. Information … [Read more...]

County Executive Jan Gardner and transition teams asking for suggestions

A page has been set up on the new Frederick County website for the purpose of encouraging and receiving suggestions and/or other feedback from county residents as we make the transition to a new form of government and a … [Read more...]

CHARTER: What happens when the county executive vacates the office?

Before you read ahead here, please take a moment first to consider this question: Under the new charter in Frederick County, what do you think happens if and when the county executive vacates the office for any reason … [Read more...]