County Executive Gardner to Hold Livable Frederick Town Hall on Wednesday (March 14)

For those who are interested in the planning of the future of Frederick County, this Wednesday evening (March 14th), there will be another opportunity to learn about it, and to ask questions or share comments about the … [Read more...]

County Executive Jan Gardner on proposed MXD bill (public hearing Tuesday)

On Tuesday evening (January 16th), there will be a public hearing about an ill-advised and controversial bill that would add large Warehouse Distribution Centers to what is allowed in the county's Mixed Use Development … [Read more...]

Support the bill to Prevent Zoning Amendments immediately before and after elections

There is an important public hearing this Tuesday evening (May 2, at 7:00pm) for County Executive Jan Gardner's proposed legislation to prohibit zoning amendments six months before and three months after Frederick County … [Read more...]

County Executive Gardner to host meetings to gather public input (Thursday)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This Thursday evening, at Winchester Hall, County Executive Jan Gardner will be taking public comment and responding to questions at two public meetings (a “Talk of the Town” and a … [Read more...]

Gardner seeks confirmation of Bob White to fill Planning Commission vacancy

Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner has appointed Robert (Bob) White to fill the current vacancy on the Frederick County Planning Commission. As Executive Gardner points out, Mr. White is highly qualified for the … [Read more...]

Citizens/Montevue wins again: Judge denies “Motion to Intervene” by Aurora Holdings

On Friday, December 12, 2014, Circuit Court Judge Teresa Adams denied a motion, (by Aurora Holdings, VII, LLC) to “intervene” in the case of Trunk (Save Montevue) v. Board of County Commissioners (defendant). … [Read more...]

Inauguration of county executive and council ushers in charter government

It's official. Whether you supported the change to a charter form of government or not, it has arrived. And whether you supported the majority of the last Board of County Commissioners or not, they are gone. … [Read more...]

ROCKtober the VOTE!!! (Saturday at 11:00am)

NOW counts! For four years now, hundreds, perhaps thousands of our fellow citizens have written Letters to the Editor, spent countless hours researching and making public comment in packed hearings, and … [Read more...]