A Special Request for the Catoctin High School Sports Boosters

Kirby Delauter‬ is mad at the County Council and takes it out on the kids... That's right, ol "hashtag" is at it again, but this time it's a local high school sports team that will suffer. As seen in this photo from … [Read more...]

Bob White and Steve McKay respond to Kirby Delauter diatribe

For a variety of reasons, I'm generally reluctant to link to columns published at The Tentacle. And I especially would not usually share a poorly-written attack piece by county council member Kirby Delauter. But, in … [Read more...]

What Kirby Delauter Really Showed Me

Along with the rest of Frederick County, not to mention what must have been millions of people across our state, the country, and even around world, I was shocked to hear about what some are now referring to as the … [Read more...]

Inauguration of county executive and council ushers in charter government

It's official. Whether you supported the change to a charter form of government or not, it has arrived. And whether you supported the majority of the last Board of County Commissioners or not, they are gone. … [Read more...]

A Rough Start

It looks like our new County Council may be launching at a disadvantage when it comes to an efficient start. Pre-Pre Meeting Misunderstandings Before all seven seats were even certain (District 1 … [Read more...]

Montevue Matters Now…More Than Ever

In 1828, farmers Elias and Catherine Brunner signed their names to a document that has survived the tests of history and ensured their place in Frederick County’s historical record. Selling acreage to the county for … [Read more...]

Steven McKay testimony opposing the zoning change for the Casey Property

EXCERPT: "All of these homes will generate competing needs – some grave needs – for road and school improvements. Only a fraction of these infrastructure needs are currently planned, or funded. And yet, … [Read more...]

Some observations and thoughts the day after the primary election

The primary election in Frederick County, and throughout Maryland, was yesterday. The ballot is now set for the general election in November. Between now and then there will be no shortage of analysis, plenty of … [Read more...]