Forest protection, air pollution, foam container bills fall by wayside in Maryland General Assembly

Bills passed to help fund Chesapeake cleanup, septic pump-outs and promote planning for sea level rise Maryland lawmakers took action this year to thwart the Trump administration’s move to allow oil … [Read more...]

Maryland Senate gives final approval to fracking ban

With governor's signature likely, state to become second in nation with natural gas reserves to prohibit drilling practice. Maryland’s Senate gave final approval Monday night to a permanent ban on … [Read more...]

Open letter to Delegate Barrie Ciliberti on fracking and climate change

Delegate Barrie Ciliberti, I visited you on Monday with the Sierra Club. Thank you for taking the time and for your openness. One of the issues we discussed was the proposed Ban on Fracking (SB 740/HB 1325). I want … [Read more...]

Cultivating Backyard Gardens

Maryland has a "Right-to-Farm" law that is designed to protect agricultural operations from nuisance suits by those who may move next to a farming operation. The law offers protection/defense against nuisance suits … [Read more...]

Call for MD legislators to override the veto of the Clean Energy Jobs Act

Do you know where your electricity comes from? That's always a fascinating question and frequently, a very complicated one. For Maryland, we know a decent amount of what's available on the grid and most people are pretty … [Read more...]

RALE asks you to help maintain the pressure to restore our appellate rights

Following up... The community has really responded well to our efforts to convince the Delegation to reverse the 2013 DRRA law that took away our appellate rights. More than 80 emails have been sent to each of the … [Read more...]

Past time to change our state song: “Maryland, My Maryland”

Maryland state Delegate Karen Lewis Young (D-‐Frederick Co.) recently introduced legislation that would change the lyrics of the state’s official state song “Maryland, My Maryland.” Similar legislation was introduced … [Read more...]

Two-year fracking moratorium a grass roots victory and a grass roots opportunity

On Friday, May 29, a two and half year moratorium on the practice known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, became law in the state of Maryland – making Maryland the first state with significant gas reserves to put a … [Read more...]